Farewell, H&H Bagels

H&H Bagels has closed its Upper West Side Store!

So, they weren’t the best bagels in New York, but they were good, always in fresh supply and therefore warm, and they were “mine.” H&H Bagels was open all night, and it was across the street from my home. Every morning for the past year, I’ve stood on line there at 7:45 a.m. to buy fresh poppy, sesame, and onion bagels for my b&b guests, folks from all over the world, ready for a real New York bagel breakfast. Lightly toasted, with heavenly cream cheese from Zabar’s next door, they were the perfect introduction to my beloved city and a great way to start off a day of sightseeing, museum-going, or strolling through the park.

And now H&H Bagels is closed, the company filing for bankruptcy after a criminal indictment.

Zabar’s promised me this morning that they will continue to stock fresh bagels, with multiple deliveries from early in the morning until closing. There are other, arguably better, bagels available at Tal on 88th and Absolute on 107th, and Lennie’s on 110th. I will continue to provide my b&b guests with mouth-watering, spirit-nourishing toasted bagels and cream cheese at breakfast. But H&H was right here, and it was my morning ritual, and I will miss it terribly.


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