The National Park Service in New York City

Our National Parks represent the United States of America at its best, protecting and preserving places of great natural beauty and historical significance throughout the country. We tend to associate the National Park Service with the great wilderness parks of the American West, but did you know that these sites, managed by the Park Service, are within 15 miles of Between The Parks? Click each link to learn more:

  1. Castle Clinton [6 miles away.]
  2. Ellis Island [6 miles away.]
  3. Federal Hall [6 miles away.]
  4. Gateway [14 miles away.]
  5. General Grant [2 miles away.]
  6. Governors Island [6 miles away.]
  7. Hamilton Grange [6 miles away.]
  8. Lower East Side Tenement Museum [5 miles away.]
  9. National Parks of New York Harbor [6 miles away.]
  10. Saint Paul’s Church [11 miles away.]
  11. Statue Of Liberty [6 miles away.]
  12. Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace [4 miles away.]

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